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Welcome to our oasis of tranquility amidst nature – a house in the forest, where each day is filled with warmth and harmony. Our house is constructed with high-quality wooden materials, creating an atmosphere of warmth and natural beauty. The cozy ambiance of the forest environment blends with the comfort of modern living, providing you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. Our house is not just a building; it’s a place where the soul can find peace and restore inner balance. We invite you to discover a new level of harmony and coziness in our forest house.


Is the workflow open to modification?

We endeavor to ensure our clients' comfort in collaborating with us, thus, we are open to negotiating changes to the workflow to align with their preferences.

What resources or materials from the client are needed to commence production of the project?

Our flexibility allows us to work with various amounts of source materials. The client provides the essential components, and we complement them as necessary, ensuring flexibility throughout the process. It's crucial to send all necessary materials at once or inform us promptly of any incomplete information so that we can wait for the complete set before starting. Any uncertainties will be addressed and resolved before commencing the project.

What does the project price cover?

The price of our project encompasses all five production stages, starting from the initial concept and extending to the final renders. Any extra modifications requested after the rendering phase may involve negotiable fees. However, if these adjustments are due to our error, they will be rectified at no additional cost. Typically, we provide images in 4500px size. Not included in the price are the transfer of source files, a lifetime NDA, the procurement of expensive content from stock sources, 3D modeling of intricate environments (such as neighboring buildings not part of the project), or complex objects.

What are the factors that can impact the project's price?

Here are some key factors considered when assessing project complexity:

  • Complexity of architectural or interior design
  • Environment type (full 3D, low poly, photomontage)
  • Complexity of camera angles
  • Seasonal considerations
  • Number and resolution of images required
  • Quantity and type of individuals depicted in the images
  • Project timeframes
  • Level of detail and need for identical models

These are just a few of the primary considerations we take into account during project evaluation. The most effective approach would be to submit your project for assessment, allowing us to thoroughly review it and propose options and solutions tailored to your specific requirements and technical specifications.

What is the payment process like? Do you require an upfront payment before starting work?

Payment is made via bank Swift transfer, with all the company's banking details and the amount specified in the invoice. The terms of advance payment and payment stages are discussed individually based on the project's timeframe and size. Typically, we request a 50% advance payment or receive payment for completed project stages, especially for substantial projects. However, watermarks are usually added to images until the final payment ( or confirmation of payment) is received, after which we provide the original images without watermarks.

How much do you charge for your services?

Projects vary significantly, and each client has unique needs, leading to differences in timelines and other factors. As a result, it's challenging to establish a fixed rate that applies universally to all projects and clients. Typically, the process begins with the client submitting the project for an initial estimate. If the quote aligns with the client's expectations, we proceed with the project. Any queries or efforts to streamline costs are addressed through ongoing discussions until a mutually acceptable solution is reached. While our pricing may not always be the most economical, our clients can trust that their investment yields value.

What happens if the project is put on hold?

Occasionally, a project might be temporarily halted for different reasons, and if we don't receive feedback within 14 calendar days after sending previews, we implement the following policy: If clay renders were provided, we request 50% of the project cost; if colored previews were sent, we ask for the remaining project amount. However, this amount is credited once the client provides feedback and the project resumes.

For which revisions will additional fees be incurred?

Our main goal is to minimize unexpected additional expenses and respect the budget constraints. Nonetheless, there are instances where client-requested alterations may involve considerable effort (even if not immediately evident):

  • Adjusting the camera angle following the presentation of colored previews
  • Altering seasons or time settings (e.g., transitioning from day to night)
  • Implementing extensive modifications to architecture or interior design
  • Creating supplementary design alternatives

What is the process for communication throughout the duration of the project?

Ideally, appointing a designated client representative to facilitate adjustments with us proves advantageous. Correspondence can take place via email or messaging platforms. Moreover, we utilize the MIRO platform, enabling clients to provide feedback directly on images and allowing us to seek clarification on any aspects unclear to our team. File sharing is facilitated through the DropBox service. It's important to note that we solely accept feedback in written form and do not engage in feedback discussions over phone calls.

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